As you may know my Mum, Jo (Jojo to her 7 grandkids) started Springhill Farm over 35 years ago. It all began because school kids would regularly visit my parents’ farm and while Dad (Ray to his mates) gave them the full ‘farm experience’; think collecting eggs, hay bale rides and milking the goat (story for another time) Mum wanted to give them something to eat that they could connect back to what they had learnt that day.

While it doesn’t sound revolutionary now, the muesli slice was in vogue back then (literally, the slice was featured in Vogue, I’m not kidding). Word got around about Jojo and her delicious slice, and soon she and Ray were baking full time.

While Mum isn’t in the kitchen as much anymore in an official capacity, she is well known to whip up a slice or a scone or two for guests, the postman, any farmhands, tradies; anyone who may stop past the farm.

Growing up I loved being a taste tester. It made sense then, that when I grew up, I would somehow be involved in the business. James (my husband) and I have officially been at the helm of the Springhill Farm brand for over 10 years. Today, although our operations have expanded considerably, we are still based in country Victoria, and still creating delicious treats that wouldn’t be out of place in Mum’s farmhouse kitchen.