Our Mission:

We’re here to spread joy, one treat at a time. We believe life would be a little sweeter if we all took the time to sit down for tea and treats each day. So, we’re giving people the little nudge they need to take a ‘me’ moment, smell the roses and enjoy a slice as often as they can.

Our Values

Enjoyment is Everything

We believe there is joy to be found in everyday moments. We enjoy work, we enjoy treats and we enjoy life! We pursue enjoyment every single day.

The Future Starts Now

We are driven by our vision and draw our inspiration from the potential to make people's lives happier. We are creative and encourage critical thinking and robust discussions; we work hard and have the courage to be bold in our decision making. Leaders must own their role as if the business were their own. They set their teams strategic direction and identify how their role can evolve, contribute, and drive the business forward. We don't believe in standing still. 

Authentic To The Core

We believe in authenticity in everything we do, relationships, recipes, taste! We are loyal to ourselves and our customers. We put customers first to give them an incomparable experience; strive to be honest and transparent on all fronts and are accountable. We are true to our promises; we are trusted. 

Always Improving

We will deliver the best outcomes in everything we do. We are constantly focused on how to improve. It is everyone's responsibility to find ways to be more efficient and effective. 


We are proud of our story. Every day we are thrilled to connect with our customers, work colleagues, suppliers and community. We know our success is dependent upon the collective.

Agility is our Superpower

We are agile, nimble and move to meet our customers' needs, whilst staying true to our business goals. We value calculated risk taking, collaboration across the business, and thinking outside the square. We have processes in place to ensure our craziest ideas are rigorously tested.